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I was a bit of a late starter when it came to travelling as I only boarded my first plane at the age of 22 and instead of jetting off to Benidorm I headed to Bali.

A few years and countries later I have had so many amazing experiences, from sky diving over the Namibian desert, tuk-tuk racing through Bangkok and most recently climbing to Tigers Nest in Bhutan.

Asia is definitely my favourite continent but, it’s hard to choose a favourite as they’re all so unique. At the moment the stand out for me and a country I’ve now visited repeatedly is Cambodia. The warmth and friendliness of the people, beautiful unspoilt beaches, awe inspiring temples and fabulous food make for a fantastic holiday time and time again.

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I don’t want to be sitting on a bus which is the same as the one that takes me to work, I want one with no windows and a lady with a goat on her lap. I don’t want burgers and pizza I want what the locals eat, even if its chickens feet! Different sounds, smells, languages, faces, food, transport, the heat, the cold, oceans, mountains, deserts, chaos, tranquillity, monks with mobiles.


I love everything about being at the beach whether its sleeping under a palm tree, swimming in new seas or chatting to a local pineapple seller. Its the most relaxing part of any trip and my favourite in the world so far has to be Saracen Bay on a little island off Cambodia. The whitest sand and the bluest sea I’ve ever seen and still unspoilt – no hotels just lovely basic cabins, no shops, no jet ski’s or hassle! Bliss.

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24 hours in Hoi An | Vietnam

23rd July 2015 by Jo

This historic town has it all; bustling markets, temples nearby & a fantastic beach, so it's easy to keep busy... Here's Jo's suggestion for 24 hours in Hoi An.

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Responsible travel

Back to School | Jo’s Cambodia Project Trip

18th February 2015 by Jo

As part of her Cambodia trip Jo went to visit the local project we support, The Cambodia Dutch Foundation and taught an English lesson to the children.

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