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Indian street food with several colours in a big bowl

Food and drink

I love to find the best spots for trying out local food and drinks when I’m in a new place. Depending on where I am, I will hunt down the best coffees in town or the most authentic street food I can. I have to say that South India takes the crown for food, with coconut-infused fresh seafood, veg dishes that outshine meat offerings and Kerala parathas being at the top of my list… put it this way, it’s not something you’d find down your local curry house! Being a self-confessed coffee snob (like many of the team here) I make it a mission of mine to seek out the best brews. Speaking of brews, you’ll usually find me asking the bartender for a beer that is sourced from the local area too!

Four Indian men in a boat rowing on an exotic river with palm tree in background and blue sky


One of the best ways to get to know a country is through its people. I often find that outlooks on life and senses of humour vary greatly from country to country, and it’s something that I love to find out more about. It’s also a great way to get recommendations on the local area to ensure you get the best experience possible. Sometimes, a language barrier can be a great thing! It means that you both have to work a little harder to communicate but you’ll always get there in the end. A friendly smile can always work wonders.

Arenal Volcano Costa Rica


I am a sucker for a spectacular view, whether it’s a dramatic mountain range, a sprawling cityscape or an idyllic coastline, put me in front of something otherworldly and I’ll be happy to gaze for quite some time. Top views that I have had the pleasure of feasting my eyes on include Norway’s fjords, Costa Rica’s Arenal Volcano, and Kerala’s backwaters.

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