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Hannah spotting elephants in Sri Lanka


Being a complete animal fanatic, wildlife is one of the biggest pulls for me when it comes down to deciding on my next destination. If I had to decide between spending lazy days on the beach or looking through a binocular lens, I’d pick the latter any day! My last wildlife adventure took me elephant spotting and whale-watching in Sri Lanka and next on my list is getting my PADI qualification so I can explore life amongst the coral reefs of Borneo.

staff member hannah sitting at racha praba lake in thailand


Whether it’s staring at the star-lit canvas sky on a castaway beach , watching rice paddies whiz by on a train through the countryside, or seeing the sun come up atop the summit of a mighty volcano, nothing beats a amazing view. And the older I get, the more epic scenery I crave! Some of my favourite memories include seeing the bright blue crater lake of Mount Rinjani, the twinkling lights along the footpath of Adam’s Peak and the amazing karst mountains of Lake Racha Praba in Khao Sok.

Staff member Hannah after white water rafting


For me, one of the most exciting parts of travelling is, well… travelling! In Thailand, I’ve weaved my way through Bangkok by bicycle and journeyed across the country on an overnight sleeper train. In Sri Lanka, I plunged through the rapids on a white-water rafting trip and held on tight in the back of a incense-filled tuk-tuk. And I journeyed across Mexico, Guatemala and Belize by buses and boats. I really believe that travelling around each destination this way is an amazing experience in itself and is part and parcel of what its all about here at Rickshaw!

people eatinhg mexican streetfood


As the famous saying goes, “eat well, travel often.” And how true it is! Travel and food, for me, go hand in hand, and it starts from the moment I step on the plane, eagerly awaiting my tray of packaged veggie Asian snacks. But I’m a real sucker for curry- the hotter the better! In Thailand I spent weeks scoffing pad Thais and green curries straight from the street vendors. In Sri Lanka, I was spoilt with a choice of delicious vegetarian Thalis, each washed down with the creamiest fruit lassis…deeelish!

Responsible travel

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Responsible travel

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