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Scoot around Ho Chi Minh City


I love meeting people! I grew up travelling around South Africa and went to International Schools where being surrounded by people of very different backgrounds was normal. This has given me a really broad perspective on life and getting to know people with different life experiences has to be one of the things that makes me tick and the biggest reason as to why I travel. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll always love my Yorkshire Puddings and pulling on the wellies to walk though muddy countryside fields, but learning about other peoples lives and stories can only add to your life and make it better. I think my most memorable experience of this was meeting my guide Chi in Sapa and spending 2 days with her trekking through the mountains and paddy fields and getting to meet her family was a wonderful experience, seeing inside their home and really seeing how different life is in this part of the world.

Woman in Costa Rica Rainforest


I’ve always been a bit of geography nerd – anyone who knows me will probable tell you this about me first before anything else! I’m fascinated by rocks and rivers, volcanoes and jungles, mountain communities and coastal villages – easily pleased then when heading out my front door both at home and when on holiday. I’m fascinated by how everything works together and how if one thing is changed it all gets affected – like the butterfly effect. I love being outside and surrounded by nature and I think my favourite place to be is camping in the desert which I’ve done a couple of times in both southern and northern Africa. I also love being up in the mountains surrounded by forests, rivers and lakes.

Cookery class


Now, I’m not saying that I’d love to be a chef, but I do really enjoy trying out new recipes and when asked about my favourite food I find this question really tricky to answer. Wherever I go, I’m always keen to try out a cooking class, I’ve learned how to make rice paper & fish dishes in Hoi An, Vietnam and can now produce an array of mezze dishes since taking a class in Petra, Jordan. Food is so often so important to the culture and life or these incredible countries that we travel to that it’s a shame not to learn as much as possible about it. If I was to pick a particular cuisine that I do find I enjoy the most, it would have to be Thai and Indian curries. Perhaps there is a Thailand or India trip on the horizon…who knows!

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