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woman walking on suspension bridge in borneo


Most of my favourite travel experiences have been in the jungle or rainforest – strange for someone who is antsy about insects! Watching a wild orangutan making it’s way through the canopy high above us in Borneo was a sight i’ll never forget. I’ve always seen more wildlife on a boat in the jungle than on foot, it’s very peaceful to silently glide along ready to spot the beautiful animals and birds who call the forest their home.

Atmospheric locations

Taking in the atmosphere and feeling of a new destination is more important to me than whizzing around ticking off big sights and tourist spots. Give me a local beer and a spot in a quirky cafe and i’ll happily people-watch the afternoon away. My top atmospheric destinations are the lantern lit streets of Vietnam’s Hoi An, the quiet, winding Kinabatangan River in Borneo and the beautiful Garden Route in South Africa.


It’s a well known fact that I’m considerably more cheery if the sun is shining! Maybe it’s down to being born on midsummers day that I try to travel to an exotic destination each winter to escape the dreary English weather, and luckily there are many to choose from. If you get the winter blues I can definitely recommend a dose of sunshine in Asia or Central America to rejuvenate you!

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