I travel...

Woman meeting tibetan monk

To create genuine connections

I love to travel as it allows me to build genuine connections with people all around the world, even without a common language.

Experiencing other countries and cultures helps me to understand how others think, feel and live. This broadens my perspective, builds empathy and helps me feel connected to the world.

Family on a motorbike on holiday

To share my love of travel with my son

My husband and I are passionate about sharing our love of travel with our son and broadening his mind, so he can also connect with people, see how other cultures live and get to see the bigger picture.

Offering him an enriching, globalising experience is always number one for us, even if this means he’ll probably be off on his own travels or living abroad before we know it!

mother and son sand biking

To do something different

Travel is also enormously fun and takes us out of our comfort zone, creating memories and experiencing things we wouldn’t normally do here in Sussex.

I’ve done a 2,200km road trip from Cape Town to Namibia, shot a Kalashnikov on the Afghanistan border, learnt pottery in Goa and even spent an afternoon in a prison in China for crossing into a ‘forbidden’ area without a visa!

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