I travel for...

elephant in jungle


Wildlife is so precious and I enjoy seeing such amazing creatures in their natural habitat. David Attenborough has been my inspiration to see as much of the world’s wildlife as possible. I’ve been fortunate to see many animals in the wild from sloths and monkeys lazing in the trees in the Costa Rican jungles to swimming with turtles and rays in the colourful protected coral reefs in Mexico, and watching the elephants bathe in Thailand. I always seek out new places in which I can see such mesmerising creatures.

empty beach with palm trees


Although I absolutely love exploring different countries and being on the move, I really do enjoy a couple of days just relaxing on a beautiful white sandy beach with a coconut in hand. I’m always searching for quiet and pretty beaches of the countries which I visit. Thailand for me offers some of the most unspoilt beautiful spots of white sand and clear turquoise seas and these are even better paired with a red sky at sunset.

woman trekking with view behind her of mountains


Travelling brings out my sense of adventure and wherever I am, I always find I’m more willing to try out something new. Having never visited rice terraces before, I recently ventured up to Sapa in Northern Vietnam to spend a few days remote trekking which gave me a new challenge whilst observing the luscious scenery that Vietnam offers. Whether it’s participating in a Buddhist call to worship in Cambodia, a local cooking class or a language lesson, there’s always something new to try and learn!

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