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Girl looking out over the ocean


Ever since I was young I’ve always enjoyed photography, which had led to me studying it as an A Level. I love capturing moments and showing the beauty of a destination through an image. The best thing about a picture is getting all the little details of something, like the architecture and landscapes or the streets and locals, it’s also amazing to have these memories to look back on.


Nothing beats amazing scenery and stunning landscapes. A tough hike is always worth it if it leads to the best views, especially as they always give the best photo opportunities as well! One thing that makes travelling so meaningful for me, is moments like appreciating the view from the top of a hill, watching a sunrise/sunset over the ocean or standing by a lake looking out and appreciating the sights. It’s the small things like these that matter to me!


I have always been an animal lover, and have a real soft spot for them. Growing up I had horses, cats, and various other small animals. My favourite animal, however, is an elephant, it would be a dream to go to one of the elephant sanctuaries in Thailand or somewhere similar, to see them being cared for in their natural habitat. I also love the work Rickshaw do to focus on animal welfare within our trips and spread our values to our Rickshaw Ramblers!


I like immersing myself in the local culture and love spending time learning about how other people live and work in different places. It’s always nice to see locals with smiling faces as they go about their day-day lives. I also love how much passion they have for the things they do, especially in Cuba! The locals were always singing and dancing and even taught us how to Salsa and get us involved with the music. It’s such an enriching experience!

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