I travel for...

Man and woman wearing traditional Columbia dress

New experiences

I have been fortunate enough to explore a good part of the world and have collected some amazing memories along the way. From walking along the Great Wall of China, admiring condors fly over the Colca canyon, marvelling at the Taj Majal and cooking up noodles in Vietnam, I’m grateful for all of these experiences and I am certainly not done yet!

Young woman walking hand in hand with children in Kenya


Travel has certainly helped me become a more adaptable and understanding person who appreciates the beauty in different cultures and ways of life around the world. We all do things differently, and like all landscapes, not all are the same yet all fit in somehow and are amazing to see, experience and learn from. It is this sense of cultural immersion that I have always looked for when travelling or living abroad.

Three women in a cooking class in China


Everywhere I go I always feel the need to find at least one food or drink item that I will forever associate with that place. Food is such a big part of the identity of a country and in some places it really speaks out about its culture and history. So it’s not just about the amazing flavours and smells but also about the stories some dishes tell! Being a proud Peruvian, I must admit some of my favourite dishes are from my mother land, with its big plates full of flavours…closely followed by Indian cuisine.

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