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Rickshaw staff Clare canyoning in Ecuador


I’m a water baby at heart and tend to migrate to the water’s edge wherever I am.  I love experiencing a wide variety of water-based activities as well as lounging on beaches or boats!  From swimming in the glittering phospherence in  Halong Bay to white water rafting in Nepal; from sailing a hand built wooden tall sailing ship along the Brazilian coastline to scuba diving inside a coral-festooned shipwreck in the Red Sea or in search of the elusive sunfish in Bali.  But nothing beats a glass of wine at sunset looking out to sea and reflecting on the day’s adventures!

Rickshaw staff Clare in Peru

Off the beaten track

The highlight of my trips tend to be a bit further than the normal tourist haunts. Whether walking, cycling or driving, I absolutely love turning a corner and being riveted to the spot, speechless and overcome by beauty. I’m lucky enough to haves spent two months driving and camping down the West Coast of the States and back up the centre to Canada. I had lots of entertaining wildlife encounters – like a raccoon jumping into the car and stealing a loaf of bread in Golden Gate National Park and coming nose-to-nose with an elk when I unzipped the tent one morning in Jasper. The cities were fun and provided an opportunity for a good wash but the memory of the stunning lakes, caves, canyons and mountains will stay with me forever.

Rickshaw staff Claure at ceremony in Nepal


I love immersing myself in local cultures and having very “real” experiences.  I love the colour of the produce markets and the noisy bonkersness of the local transport!  I worked closely with local villagers in Mozambique as a “grown up gapper” working on a whale shark conservation programme and experienced a unique method of surgery involving a crab claw! I am also captivated by traditional customs and traditions. I have friends who live in Nepal and family in Thailand so I have joined in the customs at various weddings, tea and puja ceremonies.  Always bright, vibrant and huge fun!

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