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local man cooking in cambodia

Local culture

I think it’s important to speak to as many local people as you possibly can when away, you’ll learn so much more about the culture than you ever will with your nose in a guide book. I’ve heard some incredible stories along the way; from my football playing taxi driver in South Africa who played for the national team before he broke his leg, to a local woman in Cambodia explaining how she had to flee the country as a child during the Khmer Rouge regime.

chris eating rat in cambodia


I grew up a fussy eater, (I lived on peanut butter sandwiches and ribena) and only in recent years have I discovered the joy of trying new things. Even if what you try is horrible, at least you gave it a go, it’s all part of the fun. You can find some real treats around the world that you would never have expected. This rat for example was delicious!

angkor wat at sun rise


Nothing beats hiking to the top of a mountain and looking out at the rest of the world, the higher up the better! Whether you’re looking out on to a tree filled national park or a vast cityscape, the best sights are where the pictures don’t do it any justice. It’s the ones where you have to be there, feel it and experience it for yourself to understand their true beauty.

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