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Chloe eating soup in Malaysia


If you know me, you will know very well that I love food. My favourite part of travelling is arriving in a new place and trying traditional, local dishes that are unique to the destination, with so many different spices and ingredients that you just wouldn’t find the same anywhere else. When I spent 2 months travelling around Malaysia, a highlight for me was trying the different variations of Laksa in each place as they all have slightly different unique ingredients, with my personal favourite being from Kuching, in Borneo. The best place I have been to for food has definitely got to be Georgetown, Penang which is inundated with hawker stalls selling all sorts of dishes including roti canai for breakfast, steaming bowls of noodle soup, and colourful, regional Nonya dishes that are packed full of flavour and spice. I am looking forward to heading back there this June, and it will be my mission to find the best local places to eat!

Perhentian Island Beach Landscape


There is not much else that I enjoy more than lying on a beautiful beach with a fresh juice or a cocktail in my hand. I have been to many different beaches, but the best beaches I have found were on the Perhentian Islands on the East Coast of Malaysia. The water is so clear, you can be in the water neck deep and still see your feet, the sand was so white that it hurt my eyes in the sun, and it even squeaked when we walked on it! The snorkelling off the shore was amazing too, and I loved that there are no cars on the island, or any large chain resorts.

Unique Experiences

Another reason I love working at Rickshaw Travel is that we all have our own unique travelling experiences to share, and these stories are often shared with each other on our lunch breaks or at the pub. My best unique experience was when we travelled through Borneo, we stayed in a small village in Sarawak where the owners of our accommodation were originally members of the local ‘headhunter’ tribe called Iban. We trekked through the jungle to a semi nomadic village, where we saw their traditional way of life, and how it is so far from how we are living in the Western world. Our welcoming Iban hosts foraged the ingredients for our dinner, which they cooked for us and shared their potent local rice wine. It was so fascinating hearing their stories and completely different way of life. Our At Home with the Headhunters trip offers a very similar experience, and it’s a perfect way to learn about the Sarawakian history and culture.

Top Tips

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Meaningful Travel

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