I travel for...

woman sat on colourful steps in mexico


I think travel is so important for refreshing my mind and instilling a sense of freedom. It mixes up the usual routine and gives me life. As soon I’ve got something booked, I’ll be constantly daydreaming about all of the exciting things I’ll get up to.

I always get ridiculously excited like a kid at Christmas to jump on a plane. Well, who doesn’t? No matter what trip I’m on, whether it’s a jam-packed day exploring or taking some time out on a beach, I feel extremely happy and grateful to be in that destination and enjoying this world to the full.

woman standing in front of waterfall with a rainbow


Creating memories in new places is my favourite thing. And memories stay forever. From all of the people that I meet to the delicious food and unique experiences I have, I always reminisce and look longingly back at photos that take me back to those amazing moments.

Some people never look back at their travelling photos but I find myself doing it maybe more than normal – it brings me joy. It makes me feel so lucky to have had these opportunities to travel and I love nothing more than sharing those moments with customers, friends and family.

woman standing on beach


Whether it’s a getaway holiday or the end of a trip where I’m immersing myself in a country as much as humanly possible, a beach is definitely my chance to unwind. We all deserve a break! If I find a freshwater lake I also can’t resist taking a dip (unless it’s freezing, then count me out).

I always feel so content laying on a beach, topping up the tan with a cocktail in hand. I’m such a water baby so I absolutely crave being by the sea and having some gentle swims in crystal clear oceans. You can’t beat the heat with the smell of sun cream, listening to the waves and sand in your toes.

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