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Woman standing with vista of Iguazu Falls in the background in Brazil

Dramatic Landscapes

Whether they are man-made or natural wonders I love visiting places with stunning landscapes which really take your breath away. When I visited China I walked the 10km along the Jinshanling section of the Great Wall. No about of photos can explain the feeling of standing on something so iconic and impressive. I visited Iguazu Falls on the border of Brazil and Argentina, ever since seeing photos of them they were added to my bucket list – the sheer size and amount of water rushing over the rocks makes you feel very small in comparison.


As a self-confessed foodie I love nothing more than trying new dishes whether in one of Brighton’s many restaurants or in another country. Within my first few hours in Bangkok I ate two Pad-Thai, a banana shake and chocolate crepes and that was only the beginning. Undoubtedly some of my best food moments were in China where steaming dim-sum dumplings, spicy Sichuan peppers and sticky Peking duck all added to my experience where food is such an integral part of their culture. A country which surprised me with the sheer variety of food on offer was Brazil. Not really knowing what to expect other than steak I was happy to find Amazonian fruit juices, tasty sandwiches from street corner vendors, bubbling spicy fish stews and lots of cake for breakfast!


I believe that any holiday should incorporate some relaxation time and for me lying on a white, sandy beach with a good book and a fruit shake is the best way. I am lucky to have sampled many a great beach throughout my travels, but Brazil offers some of the most iconic and impressive in size. From Rio’s famous palm-lined Copacabana to the windswept shores of the Bahian coast. Thailand for me offers some of the most idyllic beaches I have visited, from small fishing coves to long expanses of white sand looking out over the turquoise water – paradise!

A Taste of Brazil – Caroline’s Brazil Highlights

3rd June 2015 by Caroline

This year our Product Specialist, Caroline embarked on her first trip to South America to explore the highlights of Brazil, from lively Rio to Iguazu Falls.

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