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I have spent most of my life travelling as I have dual nationality to the USA and grew up in California. Before I started at Rickshaw I travelled for 5 years to Mexico, Canada, Fiji, Tahiti, New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Borneo, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, Morocco and most of Europe, as well as drove 10,000 miles cross country in America. Travelling is the greatest inspiration in my life, and the only way to keep my feet planted is to work for a company that understands and encourages my need to see new places. Next on my list are Costa Rica, Cuba and Turkey – and I can’t wait!

*Brittany went on to pastures new in 2016. It’s been a blast Brit, all the best for the future!


Borneo baby orangutan in tree

I travel for...


My husband and I are HUGE animal lovers and nothing gets us more excited than seeing creatures in the wild. We have been midnight cave diving with octopus in Fiji, swimming the Mekong with dolphins in Laos, snorkelling with sharks in the Great Barrier Reef, spending several months bathing with elephants, watching orphan orangutans play, diving with sea turtles and tracking pygmy rhinos through all of South East Asia. Next stop Costa Rica to snuggle sloths, howl at howler monkeys and take time out with toucans!

woman in sea


On my first around the world trip we planned an endless summer for 18 months and we spent the majority of our time on or near a beach. Hailing from California, being a beach lover is part of my culture so seeking out the best beaches in the world sounded like a great way to navigate the globe! My favourite remote beach is on Phu Quoc in Vietnam, where the sea is warm and the sand is sparkling white. My favourite snorkelling spot is Mabul island in Borneo, I had never seen so much sea life in such a small area, sea turtles, lion fish, eels, and psychedelic cuttle fish as big as a cat!

woman eating fish on a stick in market


I am a massive foodie and would happily eat my way across the world. Luckily my husband is a chef and shares my insatiable appetite for all things exotic! Whenever we travel we like to try all the weird and wonderful food on offer. I believe the one of the closest ways you can get to know the people is through our mutual love of food. Whether its a fresh Bun Bo Nam Bo salad at a corner food stall in Hanoi, home-made Roti and curry for breakfast in the Perhentian Islands, or eating bbq chilli lime squid on a stick right on the beach in Cambodia, the fabulous exotic flavours make my tummy grumble and wish to be back on the road trying the next authentic delicacy!

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