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A bowl of noodle soup


As an adventurous foodie, I love exploring new culinary delights, in restaurants or in the homes of locals. I’m always interested in learning how to cook traditional dishes and taking some new recipes home with me. You always discover new tricks and new amazing flavours when travelling! In my top three you’ll find Pad Thai noodles, Massaman curry or Cuba’s own Ropa Vieja!

Local men playing music


I’m really passionate about music and for me it plays a very important role when travelling. Music gets you excited about your trip (I’m always creating playlists for the journey), connects you with local communities (each one with their different sounds and dances!) and gives you a real sense of the culture. After travelling, I always find myself listening to my music collection and it takes me back to being out there exploring!

New experiences

I love travelling because it gets you out of your routine and your comfort zone, and when you do that you experience the world in fascinating ways. When travelling, I love getting a real feel for the places I’m visiting and I always try to experience life like a local. I don’t like conventional trips so I’m always looking for experiences with a twist! Sometimes this involves staying at people’s homes, visiting secret spots, learning local crafts or making your own perfume!

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