I travel for

Sunset scene with trees

Incredible sunsets

Wherever I go, I love to hunt out the best sunset spot – whether that’s the tallest building for city views, or more hard-to-reach mountain tops. When I studied in Canada, my campus was atop Burnaby mountain, so daily sunset views were incredible without even needing to seek them out. Some of my recent favourites have been taking the tram up to The Peak in Hong Kong, crossing the Luís I Bridge in Porto and looking out across the fruit farms in Penang.

painting fabric in penang

Local crafts and traditions

I love to discover new traditions and see what the local craftspeople can create; in Penang I was lucky enough to have a go at traditional batik painting in one of the largest factories there. The heat was sweltering but watching the artists create beautiful patterns was incredible, I had a go at painting a small scarf and it was so much harder than it looked!

pastry with chocolate sauce on table

Sweet treats

Food is often a big part of why anyone travels, but I have a major sweet tooth and love testing out the local treats. I couldn’t get enough of the sticky mango rice and bubble tea in Hong Kong, as well as the exotic fresh fruit in Asia (well, durian not so much!). And if you’re ever in Canada you’ve got to try a Beaver Tail. Don’t panic, it’s not real – it’s a freshly fried pastry shaped like a beaver’s tail – my favourite was the one smothered in maple butter. Yum!

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