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Luckily for me, my best adventures are still ahead.  I’ve started out small, enjoying a humble exploration of the similarities and the differences of our European counterparts, but I know that there are a wealth of experiences to be had beyond those borders. Growing up in a family of mixed nationalities has given me a more immediate appreciation of different cultures, and I’ve found myself surrounded by people from all over the world. I can’t wait to explore South Africa and take on the Garden Route with Rickshaw!

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mountain island in cambodia


There is a peace and beauty in nature that can be found anywhere, but to experience somewhere exotic for the first time now I’m old enough to truly appreciate it is an exciting thought. That feeling of wonder is something I remember feeling for the first time at the top of a mountain in Scotland, but I know will be just as breathtaking on the emerald islands of Cambodia!

Vietnam monks outsude stone temple

History and culture

We can learn a lot with an open mind and a willingness to expose ourselves to other cultures. There is so much to be gained from engaging with unfamiliar ideas and traditions and with every trip I take I find my consciousness expanding. I feel there is a wisdom to be learnt from travelling that is truly priceless, and I’m going to do everything in my power not to miss out on it.

From Travel Plans to Power Hoses | Rickshaw’s Summer Social

6th August 2013 by Emma

We're all about giving back to local communities, be it in our destinations or right here at home! Find out about our Rickshaw volunteer day in Brighton.

2 min read

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Feed bellies, not bins | Our zero waste lunch

6th November 2015 by Angel

Last week, we joined the masses at 'Feeding the 5,000' in Brighton which was set up to combat food waste. Now we're doing our bit with a zero waste lunch! Yum..

5 min read

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