I travel for...

food platter


I’m a huge foodie so naturally, I love trying out new cuisines. I’d love to go to India and learn to make traditional dishes with locals, particularly traditional Indian sweets like barfi and Gulab jamun, I could eat them all day!

One of my favourite French discoveries was ‘iles flottantes’ which literally means ‘floating island’… it’s made up of crème anglaise with meringue floating on top!

woman standing in sea


Being a country girl at heart I love all things nature. There’s nothing better than looking out on beautiful scenery, breathing in fresh air and feeling at one with the landscape you’re in. I also really enjoy painting, so I’d love to travel around Asia and paint my favourite spot in each destination, what better way to treasure your experience?

orangutan swinging through the trees


I absolutely adore animals, I find them fascinating – their unique personalities, curiosity and innocence. There’s nothing like seeing all these beauties in their natural habitat, or even just hearing them – I love hearing the orchestra of different noises they make when walking through the woods. That’s why I’d really love to go to Borneo and explore the jungle, see the orangutans and hopefully spot some wild pygmy elephants!


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