Things to Do in the Niagara Falls

A must-see on any trip to Eastern Canada, Niagara Falls really is a sight to behold. When most people picture the famous waterfalls, they’re thinking of the Horseshoe Falls – the biggest and most impressive on offer. This lies on the Canadian side of the falls (as opposed to the U.S. side) and the gallons of water thundering over the edge every second will definitely provide that picture-perfect moment that you’ll not forget in a hurry! Have a read of our guide of the top things to do while visiting the Niagara Falls and those experiences that you just can’t miss.

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Family wearing blue ponchos on boat with Niagara in the background

Ride on the Hornblower

Don your fetching waterproof poncho and be prepared to get a bit wet for this one! The boat will start its journey by taking you past the American falls which are impressive but pale in comparison to the mighty raw power of the Canadian falls. The closer you get to this natural wonder, the wetter you become, and the louder the thundering falls will be. Gaze through the mist as you get nearer and nearer to the powerful wall of water and marvel at its sheer might before the boat turns back (at the very last second!) For something a bit different, take a ride on the Hornblower at night and see the falls lit up in bright colours – a real treat. If you’re lucky enough to visit on a summer weekend, you will get to see this along with an awe-inspiring firework display taking place over the brink of Niagara Falls.

Niagara Falls thundering down

Journey Behind the Falls

After seeing the famous falls from the front, journey behind the falls into a network of tunnels that will take you deep into the rock. Another rain poncho job, make your way to the observation decks at the base of the falls for a different view of the thundering water and take a peek through two portals that sit directly behind the falls. From this up-close perspective, you’ll get a real feel for the sheer power of the water as it goes thundering down right before your eyes. Not to be missed!

Women smiling with Niagara Falls in the background

Take in the Views

If you fancy sweeping vistas of Niagara Falls, you’ve got to head to the Skylon Tower. At a height of 775 feet tall, and with lifts taking under a minute to get to the top, the glass walls will provide you with impressive views of the mighty waterfalls as you go. During the day you’ll be able to get a bird’s eye view of the city and surrounding area, and at night you’ll experience the city lights along with the chance to see the famous falls lit up by booming fireworks. The Table Rock Welcome Centre is also a top place to get those picture-perfect views, and you’ll be able to stand right near to the rushing water heading over the brink. You’ll also be able to grab a bite to eat here and some souvenirs for loved ones back at home.

Rainbow infront of the Niagara Falls

Zipline to the Falls!

If you’re feeling adventurous, take a ride on the Mistrider Zipline (available to book locally) towards the base of the Canadian Horseshoe Falls, travelling down 670 metres before your final landing at the falls observation deck. A real adrenaline rush, the four parallel lines face the breathtaking falls and you’ll get incredible panoramic views as you whizz down to this impressive force of nature. A perfect one for the kids, this experience won’t be one they forget anytime soon!

Waterfalls of niagara up close

Experience the Falls From the Sky

Why not get the best view possible of the famous falls and hop in a helicopter? Feel the excitement of soaring above the powerful rapids and thundering waterfalls and marvel at the breathtaking view below you. With an experienced pilot on hand to fly you in safety and provide you with all the information you could need, this experience is definitely one to tick off that bucket list. Try and get a window seat if you can for that shutter-snapping opportunity.

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