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Ramble through Canada's National Parks

You’re spoilt for choice when it comes to walking and hiking in Canada. Without a doubt, Canada has one of the most expansive and diverse national park systems in the world, each with its own unique characteristic.  Lose yourself in the rugged mountains of the Rockies surrounded by Banff and Jasper national parks, you can even hike the glacier of Icefields Parkway that sits between the two.  Head to Whistler with its snow-capped peaks, rolling meadows and winding trails – keeping an eye out for grizzly bears en route! Wherever you go there are guided and non-guided hikes available, for all levels of fitness.

Hiking in Canada
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Hike to mystical places in Chile

If there’s one thing that Chile is famous for, it’s trekking. Oh and wine. But not at the same time… obviously. Embark on a real hiking adventure towards the mighty W-Trek, walking through the iconic granite towers and around stunning glaciers, zigzag through the valleys in Pucon and trek to the Villarica volcano – a pretty epic experience!

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Trek to lost kingdoms in Peru

Follow in the footsteps of the Incas, trekking the classic Inca Trail to Machu Picchu. You’ll hike through the Sacred Valley, arriving at the lost kingdom for a sunrise that will stick with you forever. For a twist on the traditional route, try the Lares or Salkantay trek, equally as beautiful as the Inca Trail but with far less human traffic.

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Hike between snowy peaks in Nepal

Escape into the Himalayas, trekking between towering snow-tipped peaks in pocket-sized Nepal. A natural playground for hikers, it’s one of the best places on the planet to put your best foot forward. Set off on an epic journey to Everest Base Camp, challenge yourself with the entire Annapurna Circuit or opt for a shorter trek to the top of Poon Hill for sunrise. You’ll experience cascading green foothills, alpine forests scattered with rainbow prayer flags, and sweeping Himalayan views at every bend.

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Ramble the rolling hills and valleys of Myanmar

Walk your own path through Myanmar’s beautiful landscape, passing tiny tribal villages and smiling faces along your way.  It might not be Everest, but this provides a wonderful insight into rural life in this unexplored part of the world.  If you’re looking for authentic encounters and wonderful photo opportunities then this might be for you.

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Sri Lanka

Explore Sri Lanka's beautiful scenery

From waterfalls in emerald valleys to lofty mountain tops, Sri Lanka is home to some fantastic nature walks and treks. Whether you want to join the night-time pilgrimage to mighty Adam’s Peak or discover flora and fauna in the rainforest, check out our range of the best bite-sized trips if you fancy a spot of trekking in Sri Lanka.

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See the mountains and monkeys of Borneo

Take on the challenge of climbing Southeast Asia’s tallest peak, Mount Kinabalu, and you’ll be rewarded with a truly breathtaking view over the surrounding jungle.  Alternatively, if you’d rather be little closer to nature, then you can go straight through the jungle of the Bako National Park, where you’ll find incredible tropical plants and trees, as well as a few Probiscus monkeys swinging around above you.

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Staff member Jennifer in front of glaciers in Patagonia, Argentina

Get glacial in Patagonia, Argentina

Head to the tiny village of El Chaltèn, the trekking hub of Argentina at the foot of the Fitz Roy mountain range. Walk to hidden waterfalls backed by snowy Andean peaks, circle high mountain lagoons and hike along Patagonian glaciers set against bright blue skies. Try a trek in the Tierra del Fuego, passing jagged mountains, lakes, ancient forests and trees doubled over by the wind, keeping your eyes peeled for foxes and condors as you hike. It’s The Great Outdoors at its greatest.

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Walk into the wild in Indonesia

Stroll through the rice paddies, meet ancient hill tribes, get close to the elephants and orangutans whilst making your way through the Sumatran rainforest, or take a climb to the top of a volcano to see a spectacular sunrise.  Indonesia provides a rich variety of trekking opportunities, whatever you’re looking for.

Trekking in Indonesia

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