We’re in constant communication with our local partners in Peru, who are on hand 24/7 to support you and help you out should you ever need them. Our kind and friendly partners will look after you throughout your trip, ensuring you have the best experience visiting this remarkable country.

Find out more about our local partners below.

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Our local partners in Peru first started in 1997 with one office in Lima. They now own 6 offices with a team of people from all over the world. Their intention is to share and provide unique, authentic experiences for each traveller.

Our partners believe in responsible travel and make sure that they work with locally owned hotels and services wherever they can. Our partners always try to support the local economy, and at the same time love to offer customers the opportunity to interact with authentic local culture and its people.

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Our partners actively participate in donation campaigns and send clothes and food to different provinces in the country. Recently they have also been collecting lots of old paper and bottle caps, which innovative local charities use to raise money for disadvantaged Peruvian children.

Besides this they have also actively sought out different sustainable projects in remote areas of Peru, to help ensure that all areas of the country are gaining from the positive benefits of tourism, and try to run all of their excursions as responsibly as they can.

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