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Who are they?

Our local partners first started in 1997 with an intention to share and provide unique, authentic and diverse experience to every person.

Our partners strongly believe in responsible travel and make sure that they work with locally owned hotels and services wherever they can. They try and do as much as they can for the local economies and love to offer customers different experiences.

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Meaningful Journey

Our partners actively participate in donation campaigns, sending food and clothes to people in need around the country. They also work with innovative South American charities to make sure that waste paper from their offices is recycled and re-used in a way which benefits local communities.

boat on the lakeDiscover the spirit of Bolivia
Bolivia is much more than salt flats and bowler hats. Go in search of Caimans in the Bolivian Amazon, explore silver mines and discover where the sun was born
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Sophia’s Top Peru & Bolivia Travel Photographs

24th September 2014 by Sophia

Sophia spent a month in Peru & Bolivia and brought back her top 5 favorite photos to share, of everything from wildlife to the salt flats to her new friend.

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