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In each destination we’ve chosen a local project to support. We support our chosen projects through ad-hoc fundraising and donations when you book your trip with us. In Vietnam we’ve chosen the Blue Dragon Children’s Foundation, a grassroots charity that reaches out to children in crisis throughout Vietnam. Blue Dragon kids are street kids, children from very poor families and victims of human trafficking and slavery. From providing food and shelter to a child on the street to rescuing a girl from a brothel and supporting her education, the foundation gives children a new chance in life.

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How do we support Blue Dragon Children's Foundation?

  • We’re really passionate about giving something back to the destinations and communities that we work with. That’s why £5 of the value of every Vietnam booking will always be contributed to our local project; Blue Dragon Children’s Foundation. Of course, if you’d like to donate more, that’s no problem! Just let us know.
  • Oh, and we also do a little fundraising ourselves throughout the year, too! You can read more about this on our blog.
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Where does my money go?

• Providing safe accommodation, meals and clothes for street children. Blue Dragon runs a drop-in centre and shelters to get kids off the streets and away from drugs, gangs, pimps and paedophiles.

• Rescuing girls and young women who have been trafficked for the sex trade to China. These girls and young women are normally tricked into travelling for a good job or for an outing with a friend and are then taken away from their families.

• Providing legal papers for children and their families. Our legal team travel to remote, poor communities in order to register children with the local authorities. Giving children and their families their legal papers is a life-changing gift. Without legal registration documents, children cannot attend secondary school and public hospitals. Without legal papers, children are also invisible and much more vulnerable to traffickers.

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Tell me more!

  • You can read more about Blue Dragon on their website and Facebook page.
  • Keep up to date with our charities and meaningful travel efforts on our blog.
  • Unfortunately we cannot arrange for travellers to visit the Blue Dragon Foundation, however if you would like to find out additional ways to help please email:
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