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Our Tibet Travel Specialists are here to help and inspire you throughout the planning of your holiday. They know all the best tips about travelling in Tibet and have experienced many of the trips we offer first-hand. We pride ourselves on providing excellent service levels which continue throughout the life of your booking, and when you are away you’ll also have the 24 hour support of our local English speaking partners in Tibet. Find out more about our Tibet Travel Specialists below…

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I visited Tibet on a Rickshaw trip and it truly is a once-in-a-lifetime type of trip. My friends and I took an incredible 50-hour train from Beijing to Lhasa; the roof of the world. I was blown away by the sounds of the prayer wheels, colourful prayer flags, smell of incense and the sight of the faithful pilgrims prostrate around the temple. Watching the sunrise over Everest was a highlight I will never forget.

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I spent 10 days travelling through Tibet and can confidently say it is truly magical. I still recall with complete clarity stepping into the crowds of Lhasa’s Jokhang temple, engulfed by incense and surrounded by Buddhist mantras. The devout spirituality pervades everything you see, hear, touch and smell from the distinct taste of yak butter tea to the soaring mountain peaks. I would go again in a heartbeat.

woman smiling with local children at school for the blind in tibetLocal Project
We support an international development organisation in Tibet that creates training programs and prints books in Braille for the blind & visually impaired.
Our local project in Tibet

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Braille Without Borders | Our local project in Tibet

30th September 2014 by Ceri

Travel Specialist Ceri went to our local project in Tibet to meet the wonderful students and staff at Braille Without Borders & shares her experience here.

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