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We believe in making sure that the destinations we sell benefit from travellers visiting them. To aid this endeavour we support Population Matters with their crowdfunding project, Empower to Plan. By joining forces with carefully selected grassroots NGOs, they aim to empower more women around the world with the right to choose how many children to have – and when – for their own sake, and for the wellbeing of future generations and the planet that sustains us all. As well as ensuring that £5 for every traveller we send away on holiday is contributed to Empower to Plan, we also like to carry out little in-house fundraising events ourselves. You can keep up to date on our fundraising efforts through our blog.


  1. Find out about the projects that Empower to Plan is currently supporting here
  2. We’ll contribute £5 for every traveller that travels with us
  3. Keep checking back here for new projects and the success stories you’ve helped make possible


  • Help meet the unmet need for family planning around the world
  • Our partners deliver entirely voluntary family planning, grounded in human rights
  • Send a clear message to decision-makers that you’re concerned about the impact of unsustainable population growth on communities – and that it’s time to address the population issue.
  • As well as meeting unmet need for family planning, Empower to Plan projects often benefit people and planet in other ways – helping to tackle cultural barriers to women’s reproductive rights, provide education for girls or protecting fragile ecosystems and wildlife.
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More than 200 million women lack the contraception, knowledge and support they need to take control of their fertility.

Many women face cultural barriers – such as patriarchal attitudes or traditions of early marriage – preventing them from choosing the number and spacing of their children.

Unplanned and unwanted pregnancies can limit their life choices and keep their families trapped in a cycle of poverty, as they struggle to provide for more children than they can afford.

Meeting women’s unmet need for family planning and empowerment not only gives them the chance to improve their own lives, but naturally brings down birth rates – helping tackle the wider issue of unsustainable population growth.

“The way forward is the full realisation of reproductive rights, for every individual and couple, no matter where or how they live, or how much they earn. This includes dismantling all the barriers— whether economic, social or institutional — that inhibit free and informed choice.”

– Dr. Natalia Kanem, UNFPA Executive Director

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