Responsible Travel in Nepal

Good things can happen when we travel –  that’s our philosophy. This means that during your Nepal holiday, you’ll get the opportunity to stay in small-scale accommodation, experience authentic activities and make genuine connections with the Nepalese people. We’re firm believers that immersion in local cultures not only builds tolerance and understanding, but is incredibly rewarding for both travellers and locals alike. Find out more about what responsible travel in Nepal looks like.

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Our trips

Throughout our Nepal trips, we try to offer meaningful experiences that you’ll remember long after your return home. Our customers love the opportunity to interact with local communities, as it gives them a genuine insight into their culture and way of life.

You’ll feel right at home as you’re greeted with a “namaste!” on our homestay in Panauti or help out with the evening meal in a local community-based tourism project.

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Our accommodation

Where you rest your head at night is just as much part of the adventure as the places you visit during the day. We think it’s important that you stay somewhere that reflects the true character of the area you’re in – whether it’s a trekking lodge or historic Nepali home. That’s why we tend to steer clear of chain hotels. Instead, we like to work with small-scale, locally-owned accommodation with plenty of character.

Accommodation in Nepal

Our Nepal travel specialists

Our team have a real soft spot for Nepal – right the way from our Product Managers to our Manager Director. We’ve breathed in that fresh Himalayan air, seen the rhododendrons come into bloom and tasted those delicious thalis. Nepal may be a small country, but it’s full of incredible experiences that’ll stick with you forever.

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Our local partners in Nepal

In Nepal, we work closely with our local partners who know Nepal inside and out. Our product manager is in regular contact with our partner and we’re constantly working together to find unique and responsible travel experiences. We also use local Nepalese guides, drivers and porters who know their country like the back of their hands.

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