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We believe in making sure that the destinations we sell benefit from travellers visiting them. To aid this endeavour we support a local project in each of the destinations we offer. These vary from an anti-trafficking project in Vietnam to a marine conservation project in Borneo. As well as ensuring that £5 of the value of every booking is contributed to a local project in that destination, we also like to carry out little in-house fundraising events ourselves. You can keep up to date on our fundraising efforts through our blog.

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Our Asia projects

Children high fiving in Japan

Japan: Mirai No Mori

Our Japan project is a not-for-profit who run day, weekend and summer camps for underprivileged children in Japan. These children have often been abused, neglected or orphaned, so by providing them with long-term role models and teaching they’re really able to make an impact.


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India: Odanadi

group outside odanadi retreat

Odanadi is a pioneering anti-trafficking organization based in Mysore, South India, working for the rescue, rehabilitation and reintegration of trafficked women and children. Odanadi currently runs two residential rehabilitation centres in Mysore, housing up to 85 women and young people at any one time.

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Nepal: International Porter Protection Grouplocal porter in snow

The International Porter Protection Group work to improve the well being of mountain porters in Nepal. Their rescue post aims to offer shelter for mountain porters, provide immediate care to those in need and to improve the education of trekkers and tourists.

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Sri Lanka: The Rainbow Centre

In Sri Lanka we support the Rainbow Centre, a daily haven for children who live in extreme poverty in South Western Sri Lanka. It provides welfare, education and support to children living in appalling conditions. The Rainbow Centre works to ensure that children can access the mainstream school system and succeed with their studies. It also runs medical programmes for children and their families.

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China: Tibet Relief Fundchildren at braille without borders in tibet

Tibet Relief Fund works with Tibetan refugees in India and Nepal, and Tibetans in Tibet, to help them build a brighter future. They fund vital education and life-saving healthcare, and help Tibetan communities to become self-sufficient so they can thrive long into the future. Their main project in Tibet works to save the lives of mothers and babies in remote areas.

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Our South East Asia projects

Borneo: Reef Guardian

Reef Guardian was established in 2004 to fully manage 46,317 hectares of marine conservation area in Sabah, Borneo. These marine conservation areas are located within the high marine biodiversity Coral Triangle and consist of 3 islands which are nesting grounds for sea turtles.

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Cambodia: Cambodia-Dutch Foundation

The Cambodia-Dutch Foundation raises funds and collects much-needed goods such as clothing, tools and toys for those in need. The foundation also coordinates the activities of volunteers working on various projects throughout Cambodia.

Our Cambodia project

Indonesia: Project Child school girls sitting on wall

We are really proud to support Project Child in East Java, which has been set up with three main programmes; to support vulnerable communities that are prone to natural disasters and suffer with health, economic and environmental education issues, to work with elementary schools in providing their Drinking Water Program and to help elementary schools in Yogyakarta to develop their Internet Literacy Program.

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Laos: Lone Buffalo football team with certificates

Lone Buffalo offer free tuition in English, football and creative skills for the towns’ young people. They create a unique environment in which boys and girls can study English, develop personal skills, build self-confidence and enjoy sport together.

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Malaysia: Kechara Soup Kitchen

In Malaysia we support the Kechara Soup Kitchen, a grassroots organisation who provide vegetarian food (to suit all religions) to the homeless. They also offer laundry services, on-street medical care and work with the homeless community to find accommodation and shelter.

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Thailand: Save Elephant Foundation 

Save Elephant Foundation is dedicated to caring for elephants in Thailand through rescue and rehabilitation, community participation and education on eco-tourism. Although we are not partnered or affilated with them, we have chosen to support this project’s work and break away from the practice of riding elephants during our trips.

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Vietnam: Blue Dragon Children’s Foundation woman helping boy with learning

The Blue Dragon Foundation is an Australian grassroots charity that reaches out to children in crisis throughout Vietnam. Blue Dragon kids are from very poor families and are often victims of human trafficking and slavery. They aim to break the poverty cycle by offering education and opportunities to those most in need.

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Our Central America projects

Costa Rica: Tree of Life Wildlife Rescue Center 

This local project provides a safe haven for rescued animals in Costa Rica. Each animal has its own story to tell; loss of habitat, injury in the wild or at the hands of people, victims of the exotic pet trade and even hunting. Whatever their story, at the Tree of Life Wildlife Rescue Center they’re nursed back to health ready for release into the wild again.

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Cuba: Music Fund for Cuba children playing guitar

As music is such an important part of Cuban culture, we’ve chosen to support Music fund for Cuba, a UK based charity that was established in 2001. They support education and development of music and performing arts in Cuba. The project provides much needed support and equipment for children and young Cuban musicians, dancers and artists through the island.

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Nicaragua: Renewable World 

The project we have chosen to support in Nicaragua is run by international NGO, Renewable World who support villages situated along the Rio Escondido river. Communities are provided with solar energy systems that give them a clean, safe alternative to the burning of harmful chemicals in their homes providing significant benefits to the health of the families. Solar energy also means children can study in the evenings and small businesses like restaurants can operate, providing an income.

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Panama: Esperanza Social Venture Club 

In Panama we support a gang intervention and reintegration program: The Esperanza Social Venture Club. They work closely with the local community to support young men out of gangs and into the workforce by providing coaching, psychological support and help with addiction.

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Our South America projects

Argentina: Alimentar Emseñando argentina local project

Alimentar Enseñando is a community project based in Buenos Aires who support low income families with their basic needs. Improving their health, offering education and the chance to improve the quality of their lives. The project aims to feed, teach, strengthen and support the poorest families in Buenos Aires.

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Brazil: Casa de Santa Ana local women working

Casa de Santa Ana (Santa Ana’s House) is a home for the elderly in one of the poorest slums in Rio de Janeiro. By assisting the elderly they are able to stay in their own familiar family environment without having to wither away in the streets – as many do. This Brazil project also strives to improve living standards for entire families in the community.

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Peru: Project Peru local children gardening

Project Peru is a small, lively, totally voluntary UK-based charity. They offer food, clothes, shelter, education and fun to those who live in their children’s refuge in the desert shanty towns of Lima. Their refuge in Zapallal, cares for over 40 children and offers real opportunities to children and staff alike.

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Chile: Save the Wild Chinchillas 

Did you know that Chilean chinchillas are endangered? That’s why Save the Wild Chinchillas are working to restore essential habitat and deterring further habitat degradation for these amazing (and seriously cute) animals. Best of all though is that they work closely with the local community, providing education and volunteering opportunities.

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Bolivia: Amigos de Potosí


Many inhabitants of Potosi in Bolivia have little option but to work in the silver mines of Cerro Rico under incredibly dangerous conditions. Amigos de Potosi was set up to provide them with alternative opportunities by running small-scale education projects across the city and neighbouring countryside that encourage children to go to (and remain in) school.

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