Project Child

We’re proud to support Project Child in East Java. They support vulnerable communities in two specific areas that are prone to natural disasters and suffer from health and economic issues, alongside limited access to environmental education. They also work with elementary schools in Yogyakarta, Pacitan and West Papua to provide their Drinking Water Program, which offers safe and affordable drinking water for children. Lastly, for the past two years, they’ve been working with twelve schools in Yogyakarta to develop their Internet Literacy Program, introducing the safe use of the internet and virtual behaviour to children, teachers, and parents.

How do we support Project Child?

We’re really passionate about giving something back to the destinations that we work with. That’s why £5 of the value of every Indonesia booking will always be contributed to our local project, Project Child.

Oh, and also we a do a little fundraising ourselves throughout the year, too.

  • You can read more about Project Child on their website
  • Keep up-to-date with our charities and meaningful travel efforts on our blog
  • Although it’s not part of any of our bite-sized trips, Project Child welcomes any visitation and we can help you arrange this as part of a stay in Yogyakarta for you
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