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Good things happen with travel when both you and chosen destination benefit from your visit in some way. Perhaps you’ll have a completely unique experience, or get an insight into the local culture, or have a fantastic view of the local wildlife. In return, the local community might reap some rewards from the money generated by tourism or your entrance fee might help with the preservation of the natural environment.

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Our style of travel is about more than just interacting with waiters and taxi drivers. If you’re looking for more of an immersive experience in Costa Rica then we recommend our Sarapiqui trip. This is the ideal opportunity to experience Costa Rican farm life with a visit to a pineapple farm and fish for your own lunch.

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Our Costa Rica travel specialists

Our team are crazy about Costa Rica. From our travel expert to our marketing specialist, they’ve swung amongst the treetops on a zip wire, tasted the homemade chocolate of the BriBri community and caught a surfing break or two on Costa Rica’s east coast. They’re always happy to talk you through their trips and share their top tips about Costa Rica so you can get the most out of your travels.

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Our local partner in Costa Rica

We work with a local partner in Costa Rica who supports our ethos. In fact, they have achieved the highest sustainability accreditation possible in the country. Find out their story and what travel means to them.

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Our accommodation

When selecting our accommodation we think it’s important that it reflects the local surroundings. After all, where you lay your head at night is just as much a part of the travel experience as anything else. So, we choose small-scale, authentic accommodation full of local charm. Whether it’s a jungle lodge or a beach bungalow, it’ll be an experience to remember.

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Our guides & drivers in Costa Rica

We use local Costa Rican guides and drivers during all our excursions. We believe this makes for a more rewarding experience as you can take advantage of their local knowledge and perhaps practice a little Spanish. It also helps to put money directly into the pockets of the local people.

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