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WildSafeBC is a leader in reducing human-wildlife conflicts in British Columbia through collaboration, education and community solutions. It’s a programme delivered by the BC Conservation Foundation and began as Bear Aware in 1998.

The goal of the programme is to reduce negative impacts on bears and increase public safety. As the programme evolved, it became evident that bears were not the only wildlife that came into conflict with humans. The programme became WildSafeBC in 2013 and they are provincial in scope with direct delivery in over 130 communities in BC.

They provide information to both locals and visitors on how they can reduce conflict with local wildlife. This includes safety information for tourists and ethical photography guidelines.

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How do we support WildSafeBC?

We’re really passionate about giving something back to the destinations and communities that we work with. That’s why £5 of the value of every Canada booking will always be contributed to our local project; WildSafeBC. Of course, if you’d like to donate more, that’s no problem. Just let us know.

Oh, and we also do a little fundraising ourselves throughout the year, too. You can read more about this on our blog.

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Where does my donation go?

Your money goes towards:

  • Education brochures
  • Bear Spray Workshops
  • WildSafe Ranger youth education programmes
  • BC Goes Wild outreach events
  • And many more human-bear conflict reduction initiatives


You can read more about WildSafeBC on their Website and Facebook page.

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