• chichen itza ruins in mexico
  • tulum ruins by the sea
  • Temple ruins in Palenque Mexico

Ancient ruins & history

Mexico is steeped in a mystical world of ancient Mayan history. Take a trip to the famous Chichen Itza, where you can marvel at El Castillo (the castle), a temple dedicated to the god Kulkulkan. Or head into the jungle-fringed ruins of Palenque; one of the few Mayan cities where archaeologists were able to decipher details of the life of the ancient Mayans. If that doesn’t satisfy your taste for temples, top your holiday off with views of Tulum’s ruins, against a backdrop of blue sea.

  • agua azul waterfalls in mexico
  • natural cenote pool in the yucatan
  • suimdero canyon
  • cenote in the yucatan,mexico

Natural beauty

Mexico isn’t all sombreros, spice, and sunbathers in Cancun! It’s also home to some swoon-worthy sights too and natural beauty too. Take a boat trip through the mighty Sumidero Canyon and watch crocodiles bathe on the banks, plunge into crystal-clear cenotes in the heart of the jungle and kayak blue lagoons at sunrise. Ahhh…


  • customer with mexian food
  • bag of dried chillis
  • people eatinhg mexican streetfood
  • huevos rancheros breakfast
  • fish tacos on plate

Food, glorious food

Mexico is a haven for foodies. It’s a land where breakfasts consist of huevos rancheros, where the guacamole is flowing, there’s no such thing as “too much chili” and everything is washed down with an ice-cold bottle of modelo beer.  Visit the home of delicious mole (pronounced mole-eh) in Puebla, wander food markets in Oaxaca and sample the freshest fish tacos on the Riviera Maya… (just make sure you pack elasticated trousers!)

  • isla holbox hammocks in the sea
  • beach front posada in tulum
  • sun loungers on beach in tulum

Beaches galore

Mexico’s beaches aren’t exactly deserted, but they sure are pretty! Sleep in a beach-front posada in Tulum, snorkel the reefs of Playa del Carmen, or hop over to the dazzling white sands of Isla Holbox. Wherever you decide to spend some downtime, we know the best spots to re-charge your batteries.

  • local boy at market
  • colouful buildings in campeche
  • handmade fabric in zinacantan
  • church in chamula village
  • local musician with accordion in san cristobal
  • decorated alter for day of the dead

Towns, cities & culture

Mexico is bursting with culture, crafts and (pre & post) colonial history. In Oaxaca (pronounced wa-hah-kah) you can take in the impressive colonial-era buildings, visit artisan markets and listen to mariachi music lingering in the air. Head to the highland town of San Cristobal and you’ll be greeted with cobbled streets, lined with multi-coloured buildings. Take a trip to the outskirt villages of Chamula and Zinacantan for an insight into indigenous life, holy sacrifices and the art of weaving!

If you’re planning a trip over October and November, you’ll have timed it perfectly to witness the other-worldly Día de Muertos (Day of the Dead) festival, where the dead are celebrated with alters, marigold flowers, candle-lit vigils and exciting parades.

Guatemala & Belize

Did you know that Mexico can be easily combined with Guatemala and Belize? With a shuttle bus network between each country, it’s the perfect loop for a real Mayan adventure! Taste locally main chocolate and coffee in Antigua, hike among volcanoes in Lake Atitlan, climb ancient jungle ruins in Tikal, and snorkel the reefs of beautiful Belize.

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