Combine Tibet with China and Nepal

Exploring the rooftop of the world is a real adventure in its own right, from remote Himalayan monasteries to the gentle pilgrims of Lhasa. It’s a snow-tipped world of red-robed monks, spinning prayer wheels and fluttering peace flags. However, by combining Tibet with a stint in China or Nepal, you’ll raise your trip to a whole new level. Track rhinos through the wilderness of Chitwan National Park, wander through the atmosphere-packed alleyways of Kathmandu and go glamping in the Himalayan foothills of Nepal. China is something completely different, a chaotic riot of dangling lanterns, rushing traffic and sleek skyscrapers, giving you a totally different take on your trip. However you choose to combine these countries, you’ll be in for a lofty, snow-capped treat.

Combine Tibet with Mighty China

Mixing China with Tibet will give you an adventure of two distinct halves. Explore the Forbidden City of Beijing, wander along the twisting Great Wall, meet the giant pandas of Chengdu and hop between traditional teahouses. After a trip to the Terracotta Warriors, you can head into the Himalayan wilderness to discover the lost kingdom of Tibet, high between snowy peaks. Cross lunar plateaus, amble around the Potala and watch monks file between the monasteries.

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Combine the soaring peaks of Tibet & Nepal

Tibet and Nepal nestle between Himalayan peaks, where Mount Everest towers over all. Take an unforgettable journey from China all the way across the mountains into Nepal, stopping in Tibet to soak up the spiritual atmosphere and set foot on Everest Base Camp. Along the way, you’ll visit remote monasteries, watch yak herders and cross some of the world’s highest mountain passes. Eventually, you’ll reach Nepal, a peaceful pocket between Himalayan peaks, where you’ll spend a night glamping in the countryside before ending your trip in Kathmandu.

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