Combine China with Tibet and Nepal

Add a Himalayan twist to your trip by combining the highlights of China with Tibet and Nepal, escaping into a peaceful, snow-tipped world of chanting monks and fluttering prayer flags. You can walk the legendary Great Wall, wander between the dangling red lanterns of enchanting Lijiang, meet the giant pandas of Chengdu and visit the incredible Terracotta Warriors before heading into the hills for a breath of crisp mountain air, leaving the traffic of the lowland cities behind. Travel between towering snowy peaks set against bright blue skies, listen to red-robed monks chanting in remote temples and feel wonderfully lost in the Himalayan clouds.

Tibet monks touching prayer flags

Combine China with Tibet and Nepal

For the ultimate Himalayan adventure, try mixing China with both Tibet and Nepal. It’s a combination that will leave you breathless and often speechless, taking you as high as Everest Base Camp, epic doesn’t even begin to cover it. From China, you’ll travel through Tibet where you’ll meet gentle monks, watch prayer flags flutter in the wind and visit remote monasteries. Afterwards, you’ll head for Everest Base Camp to feel on top of the world before glamping in Nepal and soaking up the spiritual atmosphere of the beautiful Kathmandu Valley.

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Car driving through the mountains in Tibet

Combine China with Tibet

Travelling from China into Tibet is like taking a trip into a lost kingdom. First, you can take a walk along the Great Wall as it snakes around the hills surrounding Beijing and wander between the Terracotta Warriors before crossing the Himalayas into Lhasa, a completely bewitching Buddhist city between snowy peaks. From there, you’ll pass over a surreal, empty plateau scattered with remote monasteries and yak herders, before ending your adventure back in China amongst the giant pandas of Chengdu.

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