Accommodation in Brazil

We go out of our way to find small-scale, authentic Brazil accommodation that really reflects the local surroundings. This could be a traditional pousada, a small hotel or a local guesthouse personally run by the owners. It could also be a colonial villa, a fazenda or an Amazon jungle lodge. As we use a hand-picked selection of authentic hotels with lots local character, we therefore steer clear of international chains and use Brazilian properties wherever possible. We ensure that each property has the right combination of features such as cleanliness, location, friendly staff and good service. We’re confident that you’ll enjoy our Brazil accommodation options during your holiday in Brazil just as much as our previous customers.

In Style Accommodation – Category 4

Location and comfort are the two most important factors when selecting suitable hotels for this accommodation category. Our choice of hotels in this category are priced slightly higher than our standard accommodation but it offers you something extra in terms of atmosphere or quality of facilities. Our upgraded beachfront hotel in Rio de Janeiro that is situated on Copacabana Beach falls into this category of accommodation as does our colonial hotel at Iguazu Falls which is the only hotel in the Iguazu National Park! We can upgrade in most places, so please ask your travel specialist on tips on where to add a special stay to your itinerary.

  • wooden hut accommodation

Standard Accommodation – Category 3

A warm and inviting atmosphere, cleanliness and a favourable location are our top priorities for this category and this includes most of the accommodation that we offer. A sense of privacy and some comfort are also important during travel, so we’ll book a private room with an en-suite bathroom for you as well. You can expect a pousada in a palm tree filled garden on our Itacimirim beach trip and a colonial hotel in the old town on our Salvador trip. In some places there will also be a swimming pool. The accommodation in this category is generally selected for its surroundings, helping you to get the best out of the destination you are visiting.

Simple Accommodation – Category 2

Sometimes, when deciding where to stay in Brazil, there aren’t as many options to choose from. When you go on our Amazon River cruise you’ll spend the night in a traditional fleet boat sailing through the Amazon. The rooms on the boat are simple but have all of the necessary amenities. Similarly, during our Pantanal trip you will stay in a traditional fazenda situated near caves, creeks, waterfalls and crystal clear rivers.

Cobbled Streets of Salvador

Duration3 days / 2 nights (flexible)

LocationSalvador de Bahia

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green trees with a view a of a beach cove and hills

Colours of the Tropical South

Duration13 days/12 nights (flexible)

LocationRio de Janeiro - Iguazu Falls - Sao Paulo- Paraty - Ilha Grande - Rio de Janeiro

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