Honeymoon couple relaxing in hammock overlooking the beach on Perhentian island in Malaysia

How can your guests contribute?

1. Tell us how many you need and we’ll send you a batch of personalised contribution cards (8.5×5.5cm) to pop inside your wedding invites. Then your guests can contact us to contribute up to a month before you depart. We’ll then send you a summary of your contributions and the final balance.

2. You can provide us with a list of your guests’ emails and we’ll contact them with details on how to contribute. We can also send them a little reminder a month before your balance payment deadline to give them a gentle nudge.

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Honeymoons with a twist
Experience a honeymoon with a local twist, mixing romance with real experiences. Hop tropical islands, hike smoking volcanoes, stay with the locals.
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Create a unique Cuba honeymoon

16th July 2015 by Zoe

From white powder beaches to sultry samba beats that echo through Havana, romance flows through the veins of Cuba, making it the perfect honeymoon destination.

5 min read

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