Your day-by-day itinerary

panama san blas island view

Day 1

Arrival on San Blas Islands

From Panama City you’ll take a domestic flight to the San Blas islands. Keep your eyes and ears open though; the planes to this region are more like buses, stopping at several islands – be sure to listen out for yours. After an hour you’ll arrive in what seems like a different world. The moment you arrive on the island you’ll meet the Kuna women in their colourful dresses.

palm trees at the beach

After a short boat ride through the Caribbean Sea you’ll reach the island of Yandup where your lodge awaits you. Your Cabaña is quite simple (there is only electricity after 6pm) and is owned and managed by the Kuna community. Together with your guide and fellow travellers you’ll decide which trips you’d like to take. In the evening, you can enjoy a Kuna dinner of fish and shellfish, locally caught of course! You could even ask the chef if you can take a peek at his kitchen.

feet of children in colourful clothes

Days 2-3

Visit to Kuna Community & Departure

After breakfast, it’s time to get to know the local area. Right up until the late 1990s, the area’s main currency was the coconut, and you’ll see plenty of them about! You can visit the Kuna community at Playa Chicón by boat. Between the traditional wooden houses with roofs of palm leaves you’ll see scratching chickens as your guide takes you through narrow alleys to his family and friends.

View across sandy beaches of San Blas Islands

Along the way you’ll meet women producing “Mola”. These are garments sewn by hand, often worn by the women here and sometimes available to buy. A visit to the cemetery is also quite interesting as your guide can tell you about the funeral rituals on the island. In the afternoon you can sit back and enjoy the tranquillity of the island.

The next day you’ll wave goodbye to your Kuna friends as we arrange your transport back to the airport and domestic flight to Panama City.

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Speak to our Panama specialist, Ceri

"I know Panama really well and my most memorable time there was spent on the beautiful San Blas islands, living among the Kuna people. Its got such a laid-back atmosphere, plus stunning snorkelling spots too!"

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