Hire Car

Travelling by hire car gives you the freedom to explore Panama at your own pace. Make a stop at hidden beaches, secret coves or tropical jungle. The roads in Panama are mostly paved and well sign-posted, especially the main highway that snakes through the length of the country.

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Private Car Transfers

Most of our bite-sized trips can easily be linked together by point to point transfers in a private vehicle. This means it’s unlikely that you’ll have the same driver throughout your trip as each one tends to serve a certain route. The type of car will differ according to the size of your party and the nature of your itinerary. The drivers only tend to speak Spanish so you might need to adopt a bit of sign language or, even better, bring along a Spanish phrasebook and see if you can get a good conversation going!

Plane flying over Nicaragua

Domestic Flight

As Panama tends to naturally split into East and West, a quick and easy way to travel between the two is by domestic flight. All flights go via Panama City, so it’s worth bearing this in mind when you’re thinking about routing. Some destinations are only really reachable by domestic flight; for example the San Blas Islands. For these remote islands the planes run almost like buses, hopping between islands, so you’ll need to listen out for your stop!

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