Your day-by-day itinerary

man at the canal in panama

Days 1-3

The Canal and Cobblestones of Panama City

Panama City is allegedly the most cosmopolitan in Central America. The ethnic diversity has given rise to a wide array of restaurants for you to choose from; Panamanian-style ceviche, chicken kebabs, bluefin tuna sushi or tikka masala! During your stay you’ll visit the famous Panama Canal and let a local guide introduce you to the city; a world of historic buildings and cobbled streets.

beach with palm trees and jetty

Days 3-6

Panama Island Getaway

When you arrive at the dock in Bocas del Toro you’ll make your own way to your cosy hotel on Isla Colon. There’s nothing planned during your time here so you can do as you please. Walk along the beach, try some snorkelling, mountain bike or trek inland among the mangrove forests, creeks and rivers. Alternatively, just laze on the beach and soak up the sunshine.

customers making coffee in panama

Days 6-8

Coffee Beans in the Countryside

In the middle of a lush valley, wedged between towering volcanoes, is your home for the next few days, Boquete. Surrounded by exotic flowers, plants and birds you can enjoy the peace and quiet of your surroundings. The humid climate makes this the perfect place for growing coffee. You’ll experience the whole process from bean to cup, and even be able to take some roasted beans away with you.

Make a Splash in Snorkelling Coves

Days 8-10

Make a Splash in Snorkelling Coves

Far away from the tourist throngs is the quiet fishing village of Boca Chica, nestled amongst the Chiriquí lowlands. Grab your snorkel and dive in to discover an underwater world of tropical fish and colourful coral reefs. Visit the deserted islands of Parque Nacional Marino Golfo de Chiriquí and search for monkeys, turtles and birds of paradise. You stay in cosy bungalow just outside the village.

Take a Bike to the Beach

Days 10-12

Take a Bike to the Beach

Laid-back Pedasi is a gem of a town tucked away on Panama’s Pacific Coast, where local folks rock away on colonial porches and tiny cafes tempt you in for a lazy drink. Situated on the Azuero coastline and backed by rolling hills, it’s the perfect place to hop on your bike and explore the area at your own pace. You’ll stay in a cosy, family-run guest house, outside town, but close to the beach.

Hike Between Jagged Peaks

Days 12-15

Hike Between Jagged Peaks

Take a hike through lush vegetation, past tumbling waterfalls and ancient rock paintings in El Valle de Anton. Situated in an extinct volcanic crater, expect to discover verdant forests, craggy rocks and colourful birds twittering in the trees. If you’re really lucky, you might even spot the elusive golden frog. With our route description to guide you, you can set your own pace through the sprawling trees.

woman jumping in front of mountain in south africa

Speak to our Panama specialist, Ceri

"I know Panama really well and my most memorable time there was spent on the beautiful San Blas islands, living among the Kuna people. Its got such a laid-back atmosphere, plus stunning snorkelling spots too!"

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