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View of Panama City skyline at nightfall with the lights twinkling
customers making coffee in panama

Panama in a Nutshell

Duration 8 days / 7 nights (flexible)

Itinerary Panama City - Boquete - Bocas del Toro

Prices from:

£1,035 per person - Standard accommodation

Catch a glimpse of all the highlights of Panama in just under a week. Stroll along the famous canal, discover the art of coffee production then top it all off with a relaxing rest on the beautiful islands of Bocas del Toro. Grab a tropical cocktail and feel the soft warm sand between your toes.

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Humming Bird next to Pink Flower in Boquete

A Taste of Panama

Duration 12 days / 11 nights (flexible)

Itinerary Boquete - Golfo de Chiriquí - El Valle de Anton - Panama City - Isla Taboga

Prices from:

£1,625 per person - travelling by transfer

Take a trip through Panama, from the aromatic coffee fields of the west to the culinary delights of the east. Grab a cup of steaming coffee, chow down on sumptuous seafood and learn the art of Panamanian cuisine on a tropical island. Grab a tropical cocktail and you've got everything you need!

Snorkelling Reefs and Jungle Trails

Duration 15 days / 14 nights (flexible)

Itinerary Panama City - Bocas del Toro - Boquete - Golfo de Chiriquí - Pedasi - El Valle de Anton

Prices from:

£1,945 per person - travelling by transfers

This diverse and active two week Panama itinerary will take you from the beaches and snorkelling coves of the west to the lush, tropical jungles and green valleys of the east. Snorkel amongst colourful coral, sip on fresh coffee, jump on a bike and take a leisurely cycle along the coast.
Man in Panama smiling

From Wildlife & Beaches to Coffee & Canals – Panama & Costa Rica

Duration 17 days / 16 nights (flexible)

Itinerary San Jose - Tortuguero - Puerto Viejo - Bri Bri Village - Bocas del Toro - Boquete - Panama City

Prices from:

£1,988 per person - travelling by shuttle bus

Take 3 weeks to combine classic Costa Rica with the less-travelled treasures of Panama and you won’t be disappointed with what you discover. Head into the lush, tropical jungles of Costa Rica, spend the night with the Bribri tribe then cross the border and sink your toes into Panama's sugary sands.

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