Your day-by-day itinerary

Iconic cathedral towers over the city of Granada

Days 1-3

Glory Days of Granada

The oldest city in the New World, Granada is striking with it’s colourful colonial buildings and diverse culture. Upon arrival in Managua you’ll be transferred directly to your hotel in Granada, a journey of about an hour. You’ll stay in a comfortable colonial-style hotel with its own swimming pool and go on a walk with a local guide through the city.

At Home with the Nicos

Days 3-4

At Home with the Nicos

The local people in San Ramon have set up a successful community project where local families open their homes to tourists. You’ll immerse yourself in the culture of a local family by staying in their home and try your hand at some home cooked Nicaraguan food. In this small village you’re unlikely to meet many other tourists. It might also be the perfect time to brush up on a little Spanish!

The Colonial Charm of Léon

Days 4-6

The Colonial Charm of Léon

Leon has a rich colonial history with 12 cathedrals and churches. During your stay you’ll take a unique half day tour learning to create traditional Nicaraguan art. Watch a local artist demonstrate the age-old techniques of creating typical Nicaraguan handicrafts; then try them out yourself. You’ll stay in a hotel that once served as a monastery located right in the centre.

Coral Reefs of Castaway Island

Days 6-9

Coral Reefs of Castaway Island

Off the coast of Nicaragua are the tropical Corn Islands. Here you’ll find that classic image of azure blue water and white beaches. Indulge yourself in the cozy bars by sipping on a tropical cocktail. In the background, you’ll hear reggae beats, the favourite music of the Caribbean islanders. Stay in a cosy cottage on the beach and get to know the underwater world on a snorkelling trip.

smokey massaya volcano

Days 9-10

The Mighty Volcano

Managua may not be the prettiest of cities, but it’s worth stopping a while to appreciate the fading colonial buildings and take in the impressive site of Masaya Volcano. Along the way try to catch a glimpse of the green Parakeets and bats before peering into the crater mouth.

ceri sitting on a temple

Speak to our Nicaragua specialist, Ceri

"Nicaragua was always my favourite place to pass through during my time spent in Central America. It's full of surprises, from its coffee-rich plantations and volcanic islands, to its colonial cobbles streets & coral reefs."

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