Your day-by-day itinerary

Arrival in Maria La Gorda

Day 1

Arrival in Maria La Gorda

Set within a protected nature reserve, Maria la Gorda is bursting with untamed beauty. Long strands of soft beach stretch into the horizon. Local folklore tells that Maria la Gorda (Chubby Maria) was abandoned on these sands and survived by selling her body to sailors. Apparently, she died very rich and very happy! You’ll be staying in a very simple hotel, right on the beach.

Free Time

Days 2-3

Free Time

Your time here is your own. Catch up on sleep under the shade of a palm tree, swim in clear turquoise waters and sink into a sun lounger with a fresh coconut. Alternatively, take a wander through the tropical Guanahacabibes forest, spotting exotic birds in the canopy and daydreaming in absolute peace. It’s a place where time moves slow and stress melts away.

One thing you can’t miss in Maria la Gorda is the sea life. Pull on some flippers and snorkel amongst carpets of rainbow-coloured coral or book a dive and head further into the deep. Beneath the waves, there’s a world of tunnels, caves and shipwrecks to explore, all crammed with darting shoals of fish and even the occasional whale shark.

Sunset in Maria La Gorda

Day 4


After your final night, you’ll wave a tearful goodbye to Maria la Gorda and head back east to your next Cuban destination.

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