Your day-by-day itinerary

Classic Cars in Havana

Days 1-3

Classic Cars in Havana

Havana has a distinct, exotic personality that you won’t find anywhere else on the planet. During this trip, you’ll stay in a local Casa near the heart of timeless Old Havana and take a city tour by classic car and foot. It’s the perfect way to explore the mix of crumbling colonial beauty, peeling bygone glamour and colossal Caribbean soul.

Statue of Che Guervarra in Santa Clara

Days 3-4

Overnight in Santa Clara

You’ll stop overnight in Santa Clara, staying in a locally run casa particular. It’s a youthful city with an independent spirit and home to one of Cuba’s main universities. Aside from boasting good parks, restaurants, and a lively party scene, it’s also home to the Ché Guevara monument and mausoleum – well worth a visit for history buffs.

Cuba’s Secret Soul

Days 4-7

Cuba’s Secret Soul

Explore two of Cuba’s relatively undiscovered colonial gems over the next few nights, take a break from the bustle of the bigger cities and tourist hot-spots whilst gaining an insight into everyday Cuban life. Your first stop is Remedios – a friendly, serene little town near to the beautiful northern coast. During your 2 nights here, you’ll take a day-trip across the nearby causeway in a classic car, to visit some of the country’s best beaches.

Our Cuba Specialist Jules taking part in the cookery experience in Sancti Spiritus

You’ll then travel south to Sancti Spiritus – a small, attractive city, known for its welcoming spirit. Amongst the beautiful parks, ‘unusual’ museums and colourful streets you’ll find some great places to eat and drink, and you may even feel like staying a little longer. In the evening you’ll be welcomed into a local lady’s home to learn how to make (and eat) some classic Cuban dishes. You’ll be staying in locally owned casa particulares throughout, and your hosts will be more than happy to tell you all about the highlights of their hometowns.

Cuba, the Cuban Way - Trinidad

Days 7-9

Cuba, the Cuban Way - Trinidad

Trinidad was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1988. On the day after your arrival, you’ll check into your Casa and head out for a tour of the outskirts of Trinidad with a local guide on a bici-taxi. He’ll take you on a voyage of discovery and show you life behind the facades of the coloured cobblestone streets. During your trip, he will also show you schools, tobacco and cigar factories, laundry facilities, and local outlets of fresh fruit. It will give you a real insight into life in Cuba.

Discover Nature's Paradise

Days 9-11

Discover Nature's Paradise

On Cuba’s south coast you’ll find a scattering of small villages rarely visited by tourists. On the surface, there doesn’t seem to be much on offer, just a few restaurants, hotels and Casas – where you will be staying. However, during your time here you’ll discover the area’s hidden secrets. Head out with a local guide to discover a nature trail jam-packed with flora and fauna, Cuba’s deepest freshwater cave and shoals of exotic fish.

A view of the Havana skyline

Days 11-12

Overnight in Havana

You’ll return to Havana and stay in a casa near to Havana Vieja. This is your chance for a final wander and to visit any sites you may have missed previously. The many art galleries and local craft markets mean you can stock up on any last minute souvenirs. Maybe you’ll have time to visit some of Hemmingways’ old haunts as well.


Speak to our Cuba specialist, Victoria

"Cuba is one of the most fascinating countries in the world. With its vintage charm, friendly locals and music on every corner, it is often described as stepping foot into a living museum. It's not hard to fall under Cuba's spell."

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