Family accommodation options

With all of our accommodation options, our aim is to give your family a taste of real Cuban hospitality in comfortable and safe surroundings. In beach resorts such as Varadero or Cayo Largo we provide beach bungalows as well as comfortable In Style options. Elsewhere you’ll be able to enjoy local hotels as well as casas particulares, which are uniquely Cuban family-run bed & breakfasts. Our Travel Specialists can always help you choose the right accommodation for your Cuba trip.

girl on horse in Vinales, Cuba

Flexible trips packed with adventure

Our bite-sized 2-4 day trips piece together easily, giving families the chance to create a personalised holiday. It’s well-known that kids need plenty of entertainment and we’re happy to advise on extra activities to keep them busy! Cuba is full of adventures, including snorkelling trips, jungle walks to hidden waterfalls, or horse riding through tobacco hills. Alternatively, why not browse our ready-made itinerary which can be tweaked to your liking.

woman standing beside car in Cuba

Getting around in Cuba

You can travel with us in Cuba by private transfers or by hire car. For a fun and authentic family road trip, we can arrange a self-drive holiday in Cuba. Driving in Cuba is generally a low-stress affair. While some of the country roads may be lacking in maintenance, this is not so different from driving in parts of rural Europe. The motorways see very little traffic and are easy to drive.

Our top family picks...

Featured itinerary

Cuba: Bienvenido a la Familia

Duration:14 days / 13 nights (flexible)
Itinerary:Havana - Las Terrazas - Cienfuegos - El Nicho Waterfalls - Trinidad - Varadero
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Featured itinerary

Taste of Cuba

Duration:8 days / 7 nights (flexible)
Itinerary:Havana - Viñales - Cayo Levisa Island - Havana
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Discover the best time to visit Cuba
The climate in Cuba makes it a very pleasant holiday destination at almost any time in the year and a favourite for the Rickshaw team!
When to travel to Cuba

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