Local women in San Jose in Costa Rica laughing on her banana stool in market

Days 1-3

We know the way to San José

After a long flight with your family you’ll be pleased to see a representative from our local office waiting to whisk you away to your central hotel. The next morning you’ll visit the office of our local partner where you’ll be greeted with a Costa Rican coffee before heading out on a 2 hour walk around the city with your guide to discover the secret sights of the city.

Through the Jungle to Tortuguero

Days 3-5

Through the Jungle to Tortuguero

The amazing landscape of Tortuguero is not accessible by road. Instead you’ll find rivers meandering through the pristine rainforest to the famous nesting ground of countless turtles. Fill your senses with the sounds of the rainforest, listen to howler monkeys in the distance, smell the tropical hibiscus or spot tiny red frogs in the grass.

Reefs & Reggae of the Caribbean

Days 5-8

Reefs & Reggae of the Caribbean

After all that travelling you’re probably ready for a long stretch of sandy beach and a tasty Caribbean stew; well, Puerto Viejo is the place for both. The distinctly Caribbean feel means that you’re never too far from an intoxicating reggae beat or some serious chill-out time with your family. During your stay you’ll take a Caribbean cooking class at a local home to learn lots of tasty recipes that you can try out back at home. Pura Vida!

La Fortuna Arenal Volcano in the background of green shadowed fields on excursion

Days 8-10

Lava Flows of Arenal Volcano

As you head towards La Fortuna, at the foot of Arenal volcano, you’ll notice the landscape becoming more mountainous and the winding road becoming more pot-holed. The mighty volcano and beautiful countryside is one of the most iconic images of Costa Rica. We’ll arrange for you to stay in a comfortable wooden cabin hotel, just outside the popular tourist town. During your stay, you will take a hike through the lush landscape, with the volcano as a beautiful back-drop before being transferred to the hot springs where you can unwind.

Into the Cloud Forests of Monteverde

Days 10-13

Into the Cloud Forests of Monteverde

Feel the magic of the dense cloud forest of Monteverde. Take a guided canopy walk through the forest where ferns, mosses and orchids bloom amongst the hanging tree branches and beautiful birds dart through the trees. Finish off the day by ziplining through the trees, spotting colourful birds as you go! During your time here you’ll stay in a comfortable Swiss-style chalet, set amongst wooded surroundings.

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A peek at your accommodation

Costa Rica: Pura Vida en Familia
Costa Rica: Pura Vida en Familia
Costa Rica: Pura Vida en Familia
la fortuna accommodation in costa rica
Cala lodge view of bedroom terrace in Monteverde accommodation
Costa Rica: Pura Vida en Familia

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