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Shaken, not stirred | Our Top 5 favourite Bond locations


In the high paced world of James Bond, the scenery whizzes past in a flash while you are sitting on the edge of your seat. Our top 5 Bond locations are perfect for all of you who would like to shake and stir things up and put yourself in the scene. And while you are there you can explore those amazing destinations at a pace that allows you to enjoy your surroundings.
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View of Matera city in Southern Italy

1. No Time to Die | Matera, Southern Italy

In Daniel Craig’s last film portraying the secret agent, we’re treated to a gem much closer to home in No Time to Die. Matera, a stunning Italian city perched high atop rocks with traditonal cave houses carved into the mountains, is the location for one of Bond’s famous Aston Martin car chases. Explore this beautiful spot for yourself, wander through cobbled streets and stop to take in the sweeping views with a vodka martini in hand, shaken not stirred of course.

2. The Man with the Golden Gun | Phang Nga Bay, Thailand

Scaramanga’s secret hide out is famously filmed in the Thailand’s Phang Nga Bay. A lot’s changed since the 70s though and the bay is now far from secret. However, journey just a short distance to nearby Ko Yao Yai and you’ll be surrounded by uninhabited rocky islands that thrust up from the water. The perfect getaway to hatch those evil plans…

Brazil Rio mountain view

3. Moonraker | Rio de Janerio, Brazil

Bond didn’t have such a great time in Rio as he travelled Sugar Loaf Mountain’s cable cars and was violently assaulted by an enormous man with metal teeth. For a less harrowing experience take a stroll through Rio’s colourful favelas and perhaps add-on a heart-warming visit to our Local Project; Casa de Santa Ana.

4. Octopussy | Udaipur, India

The heavily guarded lair of the beguiling Octopussy is in fact the Lake Palace in the middle of Udaipur’s Lake Pichola. The city is famous for its forts and temples, but it’s the glassy lake which creates an intoxicating romantic atmosphere. What Bond girl could resist?

India lake view
Chile desert man on rock

5. Quantum of Solace | Atacama Desert, Chile

Disguised as a Bolivian village, the film’s climax is in fact in Chile’s Atacama Desert. Rather than discovering sinister plans for world domination, spend your time in the Valley of the Moon to witness a sunset that colours the surrounding valley shades of red, purple, green and blue.

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