Your day-by-day itinerary

Teddy Bears and Tea Houses

Days 1-3

Teddy Bears and Tea Houses

With mouth-watering food and teahouse culture, Chengdu is a winner. You’ll spend 2 nights here, ambling amongst old shops, sampling Sichuan dishes and slowing to the relaxed pace of life. On the second day, you’ll visit the giant pandas that have roamed these parts for 2 million years. Now residents of the ethically run Breeding Research Centre, you’ll be bowled over by their quiet beauty and sheer size.

Straight through the Himalayas

Days 3-12

Straight through the Himalayas

When you arrive in Lhasa a guide will transfer you to your cosy hotel, located in the centre of the old town. Although quite simple, it’s full of character. As you’re now at an altitude of over 3,600 metres, your first two days are free for you to take it easy. The following day you’ll visit the Potala Palace with a guide. Next you’ll begin your journey through the sacred land of Tibet.


Over 6 days you’ll travel through the highlands of Tibet on your way to Kathmandu. You’ll cross high mountain passes and feast your eyes on views of clear blue lakes amongst a backdrop of the Himalayas. You’ll visit Buddhist sites and monasteries, which after centuries, are still among the most holy sites in Tibet. The smell of yak butter and incense will engulf you in these sacred places and the sound of monks chanting will make you realise just how deeply rooted Buddhism is in this culture.


Towards the end of your Tibet trip you’ll spend a night in very simple accommodation, but beautifully located, in sight of Mount Everest. The next day you’ll reach Mount Everest Base Camp at an altitude of 5200 meters. The short walk is tougher than you might expect due to the altitude, so you can also take a shuttle bus if you prefer. The following day you’ll be driven to the Nepalese border where you’ll begin the 5 hour journey to the capital, Kathmandu.

Tibet building in jungle

Days 12-14

Welcome to the Jungle

Near the border with Tibet, set amongst green mountains, is The Last Resort. This jungle lodge has a spectacular view over the mountains and valleys. Before reaching the lodge, you’ll cross a suspension bridge; 200 meters below you’ll see the river. You’ll sleep in a simple safari tent and to help you relax, we’ll organise a massage and sauna during your stay. From here you’ll travel on to Kathmandu where you can explore more of colourful Nepal.

View Durbar Square

Days 14-17

Kings and Gods of the Valley

Wander between cobbled streets and scattered temples in the atmospheric medieval cities of the Kathmandu Valley, feeling utterly lost in a timeless daydream. Combining the enchanting chaos of Kathmandu with nearby Bhaktapur and Patan and get straight to the heart of mystical valley culture. Weave between fluttering prayer flags, watch monkeys scamper through temple complexes and kids play with paper kites in the cobbled streets.

Man at Great Wall of China

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