Train at the station


Taking the train in Vietnam is a great way to get a true taste of local life. Spend time watching the beautiful countryside pass you by, whilst gently rocking to the rhythm of the tracks. There is a railway line running from North to South which stops at nearly all of the main sights along the way. For overnight trips we book air conditioned soft sleepers in shared 4 berth compartments. The beds are wide enough, but for tall westerners they’re a fraction on the short side.

Plane departing on the runway

Domestic Flights

To maximise your time in Vietnam it might be necessary for us to arrange one or more internal flights. It can take a long time to cover relatively small distances by road, but flights offer you the chance to do it in one hour. So where time is factor, a quick and good value internal flight is the best option. Flight schedule changes are an unfortunate occurrence, and happen from time to time but we’ll keep you up to date before you leave. Once you’re there, our local partners will do their best to solve any problems.

Girl on the back of a vespa

Taxis, Motorbikes and Cycle Rickshaws

For shorter transfers, (i.e. from your hotel to the airport), it’s best to take a taxi. They are very easy for you to arrange yourself and give you more flexibility with your time. When you’re staying in the towns and cities, we recommend using cycle rickshaws or motorbikes. From your rickshaw seat or motorbike you’ll get to experience the city up close and personal. These short journeys will cost on average $2-5 US dollars, depending on your haggling skills!

Group of People cycling amongst the rice paddies

Travelling with Meaning

We highly recommend doing as the locals do and travelling by foot or rickshaw where possible in Vietnam. Travelling by rickshaw is a great way to explore with no carbon footprint, as well as putting money straight into the local community (just remember to settle a price beforehand). You can even do it the local way on an evening vespa street food tour in HCMC. In smaller towns, cycling is the way forward; it’s great fun, inexpensive and the towns are safe and easy to navigate; win-win!

On the ground airplane with sun setting in the background


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