When travel is meaningful, both you and the country benefit in some way from your visit. You might have the chance to see something completely unique, or interact with the local community in a way that most travellers won’t. Local communities can benefit from the money that tourism brings in allowing them to improve or maintain their quality of life. Read on to discover more about how we deliver our promise…

Our trips

We offer you the opportunity to really interact with local communities, to better understand the culture and way of life. For example, you can lend a hand in Hue by helping out a local farmer in the rice fields and reeling in some fish for dinner. Back in the village you will learn how to make traditional Vietnamese handicrafts and make plenty of new friends along the way.

Without doubt, this is an experience we’re sure you won’t be forgetting, and we have many more just like this for you to enjoy!

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parents with child working on a farm in hue

Our accommodation

We believe that where you spend the night is just as much a part of the experience as what you see during the day. Staying somewhere that reflects the culture and nature of your surroundings makes for a more enriching trip and you’ll feel more immersed and connected with Vietnam. From a traditional junk boat floating amongst limestone peaks to a rustic beach bungalow on a remote island, we opt for small-scale, authentic accommodation with plenty of local charm.

We also only ever use independently ran, locally owned hotels wherever possible – ensuring your stay benefits the local community and not the pockets of multi-national chains.

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traditional chinese junk boat sailing through limestone islands

Our local Vietnam project

In all our destinations we like to support a local project to give something back. In Vietnam, we are proud supporters of the Blue Dragon Children’s Foundation. This is a grassroots Australian charity which has been reaching out to children in crisis throughout Vietnam since 2003. Blue Dragon kids are street kids, children with disabilities, children from very poor families and victims of human trafficking and slavery. Blue Dragon provides them all with schooling, health care, and even rescues children trapped in slavery.

Every time we book a trip to Vietnam, Blue Dragon will receive a donation to help toward their great cause.

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Our Vietnam Travel Specialists

Our friendly team of specialists live and breathe all things Vietnamese. They’ve tasted the street food pho, navigated the crazy traffic, sailed on a traditional junk boat and sipped a cold drink on a sandy beach.

Full of travel tales, they also have plenty of personal recommendations and suggestions to help you get the most out of your Vietnam trip. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch and ask anything you may need to in order to come away with the perfect Asian adventure!

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Our local partners in Vietnam

In Vietnam we work with a local partner who is just as keen to promote Meaningful Travel as we are. They work closely with our Vietnam Product Manager to find unique experiences and authentic trips. We only use local Vietnamese guides and drivers during all our excursions. This makes for a more rewarding experience for you and also helps to put money into the pockets of the local people. There’s no knowledge like local knowledge!

Whilst you are away, you will also receive 24/7 support from them throughout the entirety of your journey so you can travel safe in the knowledge that there is always someone to turn to if you need help locally.

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Speak to our Vietnam specialist, Miles

“Vietnam is as chaotic as it is calming, which is precisely why I love it! I’ve been spoiled for choice with its incredible landscapes and phenomenal pho"

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