Arrival and Jungle Trekking

Days 1-2

Arrival and Jungle Trekking

When you arrive at the edge of the ancient rainforest in Endau Rompin National Park, you’ll swap to a wooden boat and drift deeper into the remote reaches of the jungle. An hour or so later, the boat will dock in a beautiful spot where you set up camp. From there you continue trekking to Janing Barat Mount exploring amazing flora and fauna. When returning to the camp the guide will rustle up a simple, tasty meal on the campfire whilst you can chill at the nearby river. After dinner you can lie back and stare up into star-spangled skies. And, if weather permits, you might go on a guided night walk.

Today, you’ll pack up and, after a cup of much-needed coffee, move on. You’ll spend the day trekking through the jungle, crossing small rivers, stumbling upon secret waterfalls, swimming in natural pools and stopping for lunch in a scenic spot. On the way back to the camp site you’ll visit the Blue Lagoon, where you have another chance to refresh yourself in the clear river water. When you arrive at the campsite, you can rest around a crackling fire and listen to the sounds of the rainforest.

Waterfall Trekking, Orang Asli Village and Departure

Day 3

Waterfall Trekking, Orang Asli Village and Departure

After waking up to a jungle dawn chorus, you’ll set off in search of Buaya Sankut Waterfall. The waterfall is sacred to the local Orang Asli tribe who believe that its cascading water can prevent blindness. In other words, it’s definitely worth a dip! Also the guide will teach you all about the native birds, insects and plants as you go.

Afterwards, you’ll visit an Orang Asli village. These indigenous tribes still live within the rainforests and you’ll learn about their age-old jungle way of life. It’s inspiring, eye-opening stuff.
Later that day, you’ll head back to the boundary of Endau Rompin National Park.

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Waterfall Trekking, Orang Asli Village and Departure
Waterfall Trekking, Orang Asli Village and Departure
Waterfall Trekking, Orang Asli Village and Departure

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